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Amadeus Bennett
Creative Director, Cinematographer & Lead Editor

I am a creative director, cinematographer,  and editor currently based in Denver, Colorado.


In my filmmaking career so far, I have worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from short documentaries, brand story & vision videos, music videos, narrative films, social media content, commercial advertisements and more.

Everyone has a fire burning inside them. For me, that flame is ignited by the endless possibilities that video creation can bring into existence.

I am truly passionate about cultivating a life based in creative expression. I have fully realized the power of video to tell compelling stories, capture one's imagination and inspire and influence change - whether it's a moment captured or a life story told. 

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"I highly recommend Amadeus for any videography projects you may have. I have been working with Amadeus for the past two years on numerous videos for my nonprofit, Mission Zero. He is extremely professional and works well with myself and my team in developing and creating content that educates, inspires, and encourages people to take action on climate change. His gift of storytelling allows him to create both long-form content as well as shorter clips suitable for social media posts. 

Amadeus has proven himself time after time through his work ethic and creative vision; he is an accomplished videographer who will bring value to your organization's projects or campaigns if given the opportunity!"


"Amadeus is a top-tier professional creator and filmmaker. The video we made with him helped us win a half a million dollars worth of grants for our solar tech company. He was professional, strongly understood our goals and delivered beyond our expectation. I would recommend him to anyone looking to leverage video for their brand or business."


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